3 Responses to “Cubicle Etiquette – Practical Guide to Better Office Life”

  1. gina paysan says:


    I need your two cents on this. It is very common in our workplace, where people from other departments would visit individuals in our area and when one does that visiting person will just say hi to the individual they are visiting and not acknowledge the rest. If one is not being acknowledged, does it fall upon that un-acknowledged person to call the attention of the visiting person? Yet, when it is that unacknowledged person’s turn to be visited, that person does not seem to care that her visitor also does not acknowledge the rest. Your thoughts please. Thank you!

  2. Louise says:

    Chronic Nose Blowing after eating

  3. Rosslyn says:

    I have a co-worker who is constantly coughing, snorting,throat clearing all day long everyday. I am about to go insane. Nobody will do anything and she doesn’t get it when you say anything to her. If my manager won’t address the problem and several people have complained about it where do you go from there?