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Smart Casual Dress Code for Women

Almost a year ago we published an article about Smart Casual Dress Code. Since then more than 1, 500 people read the blog entry. As we mentioned before, smart casual is quite a confusing term, so we thought it’s worth speaking about it again. This time we’ll take a closer look at smart casual dress code for women and offer some ideas for your next event where this manner of dress is required. Let’s say you are invited to an informal dinner in an upscale restaurant, to a birthday party or a fundraising event.

Probably the main thing to keep in mind: you should look 100% neat and slick. No coffee stained blouse or tired-looking trousers allowed. Make sure all the clothes you choose to wear are well-pressed.


If you know you have a soft spot for deep cleavage, spend extra time on picking a right top. No matter how astonishing your breasts look, when it comes to smart casual it’s better to keep your darlings concealed. Spanish fashion Isabel de Pedro is a good example on how to highlight sexy feminine shape while staying classy.

Isabel de Pedro Smart Casual Example

You can wear a maxi, knee length or even mini skirt with a silk or satin blouse or turtleneck. If you decide to pick the mini skirt, it shouldn’t be shorted than 10 cm above the knee. Dress trousers are safe choice too. If you’d like to experiment with jeans, make sure you add an elegant blazer that goes well with the jeans. Such jacket can smoothly upgrade your look to smart casual.


Have we mentioned dresses yet? If you happen to have a chic mid-length dress in your closet, this might be  its finest hour.  Smart casual dress code craves for balanced, pulled-together look. Your attire must say “I’ve tried”. Just don’t push it to “I’ve tried too hard”.


Don’t forget about outfit-enhancing jewellery and accessories. Look for earrings, neckless, bracelet or watches that compliment your complete ensemble. Check if there is a scarf that would improve and brighten your look. Also remember to polish and perfect your nails.

The best bag for smart casual is clutch. But you can also give hobo bag a try. Only select one of high quality and smaller size.


What about the shoes then? Look for mid to low heels or dressy flats. Trendy boots can be worn too if they fit the rest of the outfit.

As you see, casual smart is one of the most versatile dress codes. Wear it to work, to a theatre, to a date or to dinner parties. Whenever you choose smart casual you choose delicacy, charm and sophistication.

In case you’d like to know about smart casual even more, see our Smart Casual Dress Code Do’s for Women slideshow below.

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