2 Responses to “Follow Dress Code or Be Shot”

  1. Autumn says:

    i’d love to share this posting with the readers on my site. thanks for sharing!

  2. Michael James says:

    While following the policies of Ramzan Kadyrov is not something I generally support, in this case, he has a point. A dress code is to be respected. As far as social invites go, follow the dress code or don’t show up. If I hosted a black tie even and someone showed up in a lounge suit, I would not be that disappointed to see them paintballed. You have a choice to follow the dress code or not. The choice is simply to attend or not. If you dont like the dress code, then decline the invitation.

    As far as this comment goes: “I feel sorry for women in Chechnya, how sad it is to wear headscarf all the time. And what if it doesn’t suit you? What if you have amazing legs, but they are hidden under long skirt forever?” I would suggest you consider the position of European women who visit the United States and are forced to follow your dress codes on the beach or be arrested for going topless, which is totally normal all over Europe. European women may ask, “what if you have amazing breasts, but they they are hidden under your bikini top forever?”

    Different dress codes, enforceable by law, often viewed as restrictive by more progressive outsiders, are the norm all over the world, including the United States. As visitors to the country, you have an obligation to comply with local laws regarding dress code, no matter how regressive it may appear from your perspective.