16 Responses to “Wedding Attire for Mother of the Bride”

  1. Cherri says:

    What to wear for MOG? Wedding at 4pm. Bride wearing long dress with train. briadesmaids wearing knee length dresses. MOB wearing pants with jacket. I would like to wear floor length dress. Help!

  2. Alona says:

    Hello Cherri!

    Thank you for your question! Have you talked with the bride about your possible gown? It might be a good idea to see how she feels about the floor length dress you’d like to wear. The bride might hesitate to initiate such conversation because she wouldn’t want to disappoint you. You might also want to look at this article for more info and outfit ideas: http://etiquette-tips.com/wedding-etiquette/wedding-attire-for-mother-of-the-groom

  3. Cherri says:

    Yes, I have discussed it with my son and his bride and they both feel comfortable with me wearing it. Thank you so much for your quick reply!

  4. Cherri says:

    I haven’t been able to find any info on what MOG should wear if MOB is wearing pants (black pants with bright fuschia jacket). Dress I have is lavendar. Some boutique sales ladies have told me they feel it is ok for MOG to wear dress even if MOB wears pants.

  5. Alona says:

    You should absolutely go with the long dress then! Please let us know if you have any other questions and have a great time at the wedding!

  6. Cherri says:

    Mega thanks! Your quick response is greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Sandra says:

    The bride is wearing a strapless dress. The Mother of the Bride wants to wear a purple strapless outfit with pants. Can I wear a strapless outfit if her dress is strapless?

  8. Alona says:

    Hello Sandra, thank you for your question.
    If you decide to go for a strapless outfit keep in mind that it shouldn’t be very revealing. Also, we would suggest to take a shawl or a cardigan that you can put on during the ceremony. Hope it helps! Have a great time at the wedding!

  9. Madeline says:

    Can the mother of the groom wear a long dress to a 2PM wedding? The MOB has already purchased a long dress.

  10. Alona says:

    Hello Madeline,

    Thank you for your question and yes, you can wear a long formal dress to a 2pm wedding.
    Have a great time at the wedding!

  11. Liz says:

    Help! I purchased a beautiful off the shoulder silver gown for my daughters spring wedding. The wedding will now be at noon, and a very formal reception in the evening. Should I look for another less formal dress to wear to the wedding, and save the gown for the reception?

  12. Etiquette Tips says:

    Hi Liz,
    This seems like a good idea! Alternatively, you might want to look for a nice dark blazer to wear on top and maybe a light silk scarf; this way you can wear the same dress just play a little with different accessories.

  13. Liz says:

    The dress can’t be covered up, sadly, as one shoulder is bare, and the other shoulder has a beautiful taffeta (matching to the dress) flower/bow. I guess I have 2 questions…
    1. If I drape a shawl of some kind around my bare shoulders, is that enough for the church ceremony?
    2. Do MOBs ever buy two distinct dresses? One for church, one for reception? If so, which dress goes into the photo shoot?

  14. Etiquette Tips says:

    Hello Liz,
    Perhaps it all depends on how explicit the dress is, its length etc. Also, if you feel it is going to be problematic to cover the dress up (even if using a shawl), it might be easier to buy a second one which will be more of a “day dress” and brighten it up with accessories. As to photo shoot – we would suggest stick to your first choice and appear in the silver gown. Also, you could check with your daughter, she might just say to leave the dress on for both parts, no changes necessary.

  15. Margaret says:

    Is it appropriate for the Mother of the Bride to wear a short dress. I have found a beautiful elegant Oscar de la Renta dress. The wedding is black tie optional and will be in the early evening.

  16. Clara Patton says:

    Can you tell me if the mother of the bride and the grooms mother are surpose to have a flower at the ceremony?